Thank God for Jesus

1 Corinthians 15:57 is an amazing verse in the Bible that says, “Thank God, who gives us victory over sin and death, through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Thank God for Jesus
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Today, let’s thank God for Jesus Christ and let’s tell the world about our relationship with Him. For we are saved by faith in Him alone.

This is not something we earned, so that we can boast. It’s a gift of His amazing grace; an undeserved favor, He bestowed upon us. For we are His masterpiece created to do the good works He planned for us long ago, and those good works glorify His name.

Our faith is in One God – the God who is perfect love.

Today, let’s thank God for salvation. For we are delivered by the power and effects of sin through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection. Jesus delivers us from the enemy’s stronghold. We are not slaves to sin, we are children of God. We are new creations, and the old life has passed away. We are not held down by our past, we are lifted up in Christ, able to live free from sin today, sharing His love with others.

Truly, we are able to live victorious because of God’s gift to us in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. God saw our need. Our need for a Savior in this fallen world, and He met that need with Himself.

Thank You, God, for Jesus Christ! Please guide me to those who need Him.

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This Thought for the Day, written by Alysa VanderWeerd, is on the Glorify app. Glorify is a great free Christian resource for all those looking for a quick daily devotional on their phone. The app includes the option to read devotions or listen to them, and includes music, meditations and children’s stories.

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A timeless truth from God aimed at His own who have turned away from Him, or who will turn from Him at some point in time. For every sin we commit turns us subtly away. But God in His merciful grace, forgives the repentant sinner. It’s a promise. Not an outlet to sin, simply to receive His grace; but a road traveled by many in humble repentance.

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