Understanding Agape Love – Christian Poetry

I originally wrote “Understanding Agape Love” in June 2019 because I wanted to submit Christian poetry to a secular magazine. It was my goal at that time to try and get Christian work that is literary into the hands of non-believers. We Christians know, God’s word does not return void and sometimes people just need to come across it. My work was not published in their magazine, but I knew someone possibly read it. Different times I have done this, my short book Epiphany? is another time. My goal was simply to share Jesus Christ with whomever read the work.

I tend to not get upset if my work is not accepted by a magazine or if it doesn’t win a contest because I know I will publish it myself. Seriously, my goal is to simply get truth into the hands of those who come across it – that is why I enjoy entering secular writing contests, or submitting work to secular magazines. Trusting God and believing in faith, His word will not return void. It’s similar to “street witnessing,” but with written work.

When we write a work focused on the Lord, sharing Jesus Christ and His love, we never know what in that piece will strike a cord with the reader. Probably best. We are not the Holy Spirit. We are simply God’s chosen pure tools for this, and as we seek Him and write what He desires – His message is delivered.

Understanding Agape Love Christian Poetry

Understanding Agape Love

by Alysa VanderWeerd

Leaving the town of Jericho,

With a crowd following close behind,

Jesus paved a trail of righteousness,

Leaving footsteps illuminated with light.

Two blind men sat on the side of the road,

Listening to the coming crowd,

Hearing Jesus of Nazareth was amongst the many,

They began to shout –

“Have mercy on us, O Lord, Son of David,”

Their voices lifted over the crowd.

“Be quiet,” came the crowd’s warning.

But the voices lifted higher without doubt.

As the blind men repeatedly acknowledged the Seed,

The essential element of eternal life –

Their recognition of Jesus’ messianic title,

Overcame the spiritually blind.

These blind men saw,

The answer to God’s law.

For the Scriptures declare,

Everyone is a prisoner –

Prisoners of sin,

Held captive by the law,

Until the way of faith is revealed,

In Christ, the Son of God.

People receive God’s promise of forgiveness

When they believe Jesus Christ is King.

It is recognition of the Seed,

That has come to die to save the trembling.

Honoring human dignity

With steps of mercy,

Jesus stopped the crowd’s decry.

He called the blind men to Himself,

Who walked by faith and not by sight.

“What do you want Me to do for you?”

Jesus asked the two blind men.

Blind Bartimaeus stepped in as the spokesperson,

Becoming a focus –

While the other blind man remained silent,

Overlooked by recorders, but ever present.

“Lord, that our eyes may be opened.”

Blind Bartimaeus replied.

Jesus filled with compassion,

Touched their eyes.

“Receive your sight,” Jesus said,

“Your faith has healed you.”

Immediately their eyes were opened,

And they visually saw living Truth.

For God so loved the world,

That He gave His one and only Son,

So that whoever believes in Him will not perish,

But will have eternal life, understanding agape love.

“Understanding Agape Love” is also found in the Christian poetry book Life. Continues., as well as Revival of the Hearts.