Harvest America

Harvest America 2016

Lord, I’m overwhelmed at Your goodness.

There were so many people there.

I simply sat, praying in silence,

As they continued to stream in this year.


I personally lost count.

But, Abba, what I love about You,

You cared about every single person in the crowd.

Each individual soul was of the utmost importance to You.


Only You, Lord, knew every individual heart.

And You had a word for each one.

From the songs, the message, and the graphic art,

You reached the souls needing a touch from the Almighty One.


You speak through Your people,

You speak through art.

You reach every soul,

Right where they are.


You give everyone a gift,

Because it not only impacts the lost,

But encourages the hurting Christian,

Who needs a heavenly touch at no cost.


So many are hurting,

And You care about each one.

I know You were pleased Lord,

With the huge step of faith taken.


You call us to take steps of faith,

Because You are coming back.

Thus, You want us to go big,

Subtly hinting the time we lack.


I know You noticed every little detail,

Every act of sacrifice.

And You were so pleased to tell,

Not only America but the world, the truth of Jesus Christ.


We will go big,

Before we go home.

You’ve given us a mission:

“Relentlessly chase the lost until they’re home.”


Jesus is returning, soon and very soon. The urgency should not only make us want to be ready for His entrance, but to ensure others are fit to stand at the foot of heaven’s throne. The desire for the lost to be found. The passionate heart taking every opportunity available to share Jesus Christ with others; relentlessly chasing after those who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


Where will people spend eternity?

I have gone to Harvest Christian Fellowship from the time I was a child. Countless Harvest Crusades, serving, sharing the gospel on the streets, praying in the stands, and watching many receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

A blessing.

Jesus gives life to life and people need life!

I was in Haiti on a missions trip talking with other missionaries from all over the world and one woman, upon hearing I went to Harvest, started sharing how her son accepted the Lord at a crusade years ago; his life was dramatically changed. So many stories. God cares about every life. He sent His Son on a rescue mission of redemption because His love runs deep. Sin separates us from God, but Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection eliminates the gap. We now can come fearlessly into God’s presence assured of His glad welcome, solely because of Jesus Christ- Ephesians 3:12. We don’t have to fear.

Something happens when Christians gather together and pray in one accord while the gospel is being preached; the flame lit grows brighter. Hearts ignited. The Holy Spirit moving, tugging on those needing to repent and turn to Jesus Christ. Hearts pounding. People crying. The weight of guilt and shame removed. Freedom reigns. People can breathe. The oppressed, depressed are not held captive any longer. Miracles happen before your eyes. Prayers answered. Arms lifted. The word clearly spoken opening the eyes of the blind. It’s beautiful; and your prayer played a part.

God bends down to hear your whispered prayer- Psalm 116:1-2.

We serve a God who knows no bounds and will go to the end of the earth for that one lost soul. He hears you.

Will you pray with me for Harvest America 2017? It is tomorrow, June 11, 2017.                                  You can stream it live at www.harvest.org.

Abba! Thank You! You know us so well. You knew we needed a Savior to step in and rescue us from the destructiveness of our sin. We love You. Thank You for Your sacrifice. The freedom on our heart lightens our soul as we look to You. You’ve called us to be ambassadors for Christ- 2 Corinthians 5:20, reaching the lost with the life saving message of the gospel. Here we are Lord, use us. Place people in our path that need to meet Jesus. Give us the boldness to share. Eliminate all obstacles, while opening doors. The barriers surrounding hearts, would You tear them down? Prepare everyone that will hear the message at Harvest America for Your word; Your voice reaches hearts right where they are. Praying the lost would desire to know where Home truly is. In a world full of chaos, people need security. In a world full of torment, people need a safe haven. Home is where You are, Lord; please open their eyes to that. Like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, hearing You speak, would the hearts of those present at Harvest America be ignited. Lord, praying the people experience freedom from the power and effects of sin, as they recognize Jesus Christ dying on the cross just for them. It’s personal. Thank You for filling Pastor Greg with Your Holy Spirit, giving him the words to speak; thank You for filling all of the musicians and artists with the Holy Spirit as they use their gifts for Your glory pointing people to You readying the crowd for the message; thank You for going before the technology; thank You for being with every one of the volunteers as they use their gifts for Your glory. Thank You Lord for the safe haven. We rejoice now in advance for all the lost saved, knowing You are too good. And we pray this all in Jesus’ precious name, Amen.


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