Thanking God Strengthens Our Hope

Whatever you are facing today, remember Jesus is with you and He will never fail you. His love will uphold you in every situation you encounter. His love is witnessed differently in our lives, but is so perfect for us. Today, look and see how Christ is loving you personally and give Him thanks.

Today’s world seems to pull on us cognitively, in different ways, seeking to immobilize us mentally, keeping us from doing the will of the Father. Negativity will do that and the world system is negative. In contrast, everything about God is positive for He is love, He is just, He is hope, He is peace, He is our joy. Truly, Jesus is the most inspiring person we will ever meet.

Spending time with Jesus is the best way to overcome negativity. There are countless ways to enjoy His presence and when we purposefully think upon the things He has done in our lives and we thank Him, we protect our minds from depression, apathy, discouragement, and defeat.

When we thank God for who He is and what He is doing in our lives, our minds are strengthened in hope. For He is the source of hope.

He loves us with a love everlasting and His faithfulness is from time immemorial. He is here with us and welcomes our sacrifice of thanksgiving that brings honor to His name.

We are safe in the arms of Jesus and the evil one cannot touch us.

Thank You God!

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This Thought for the Day, written by Alysa VanderWeerd, is on the Glorify app. Glorify is a great free Christian resource for all those looking for a quick daily devotional on their phone. The app includes the option to read devotions or listen to them, and includes music, meditations and children’s stories.

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Thanking God Strengthens our Hope

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